• Gilding, sculpted ornaments and hand painted finishes went into creating this ceiling inspired by the music room in the Villa Stuck in Munich for a private residence.
    Zodiac Ceiling
    Not For Sale
  • This grand ceiling was hand painted with a sky and clouds.  
    Ballroom Ceiling
    Not For Sale
  • This design of an old world map was hand inked onto cork wallpaper in the studio.  It was then installed on site over a cabinet, when the doors open it reveals a white board.
    Old World Map
    Not For Sale
  • A detail from the map shows one of many sea monsters that are hidden within the design.
    Old World Map Detail
    Not For Sale
  • This project was painted for the Aventurra Shopping Mall in south Florida.  It was painted in the studio on canvas and then installed on site like wallpaper.  The design illustrates a rich display of south Florida plants and native birds.
    Tropical frieze
    Not For Sale
  • Tropical Frieze detail
    Not For Sale
  • This was a fun mural filled with colorful sports equipment.  It was painted on canvas in the studio and installed on site like wallpaper.  The soffit above the mural also received a graphic dot pattern that was painted and installed in the same manner.
    Sports Equipment Mural
    Not For Sale
  • This detail of the sports equipment mural really shows the vibrancy of palette that was used.
    Sports Equipment Mural detail
    Not For Sale
  • This bath mural was designed for a lower level entertainment space.  The designer and client requested a cinema themed design and gave me free range to be creative.  Motifs are layered on top of each other to create a dynamic and fun feeling for the family and their guests. The designer then included a movie reel light fixture that really added a great element to the space.
    Cinema Mural
    Not For Sale
  • This Empress portrait was one of two painted for an upscale Chinese Restaurant in Washington DC.  
    Yanyu Restaurant
    Not For Sale
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