• The designer and client requested their family dog be painted on their sons bedroom wall.  I designed the dog to be pulling the existing wall covering off the lower corner to reveal an imaginary old wallpaper beneath that surface.
    Trompe l'oeil King Charles Spaniel
    Not For Sale
  • This small ceiling in a home in Georgetown had existing millwork around the sides, but a white ceiling.  I designed the hand painted the millwork to blend onto the flat ceiling with openings to see the sky beyond it.
    Faux bois and sky
    Not For Sale
  • Gothic inspired cabinetry, shelves filled with books and momentos and a soft gray, blue and tan palette transformed this plain powder room into an intimate atmospheric library.
    Library Powder Room
    Not For Sale
  • This powder room was very fun to paint because I love dogs.  The walls were painted with faux panels above the chair rail.  Below they were hand painted with faux mahogany panels.  Then each wall was adorned with faux frames of specialty wood grains and wonderful dog portraits and above the door was an adorable bas relief milkbone bisquit. One of my favorite projects!
    Dog Portrait Powder Room
    Not For Sale
  • A detail of two of the many frames with dog portraits that were painted in this powder room.  Everything is paint and fooling your eye.
    Dog Portrait detail
    Not For Sale
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Trompe l'oeil
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Trompe l'oeil
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