• This scenic mural wrapped all walls in the dining room.  It depicted Alexandria Virginia and the Potomac River in a rich blue and green palette.  The mural was painted in studio on large sections of canvas and installed like wallpaper.  By working with canvas there are no seams.  Even the doorways were covered in mural so that they are hidden!
    Potomac Mural
    Not For Sale
  • A boat detail from the Potomac mural.
    Potomac Mural detail
    Not For Sale
  • This mural wrapped all of the walls of an Alexandria Virginia dining room and depicted the historical waterfront and surrounding areas.  The mural was specifically composed into four sections.  If the client every moved, they wanted to be able to remove the mural and gift a section to each one of their four children to reinstall in their future homes.
    Alexandria Virginia Grisaille Mural
    Not For Sale
  • This is one panel of a mural that was installed on all four walls in a small entry of a Washington DC home.  It was painted in soft sepia tones and depicted a fantasy Old World landscape.  The mural was painted in studio on canvas and installed like wallpaper.
    Old World Mural
    Not For Sale
  • Old World Mural installation
    Not For Sale
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